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You Must Know This Before Bathroom Remodeling

Arrangement of a neat bathroom will certainly make the overall appearance of the house attractive. In terms of interior decoration, trends are indeed the easiest thing to become a reference in choosing a theme. Not only for the inside of the house but also the bathroom. By arranging a neat bathroom will certainly make the overall appearance of the house attractive. Those of you who are bored and want to bathroom remodeling at this time can join in adopting the current trend.

– Mirror and marble

Bathrooms tend to consist of straight lines. To balance it, you can put a mirror in there. The mirror can give a fresh look to the bathroom without the need to issue a large budget. If the round mirror has mushroomed in 2017, this year the bathroom will be enlivened with a more varied mirror shape. For the choice of floor or table marble sink is still the best choice. Especially for bathrooms, this is because marble can give an exclusive impression. Give marble accents to some objects such as counters, sinks, to walls or floors.

– Unique ceramic motif

Motif games can be poured into ceramic choices. This year will be enlivened by ceramic trends that have bolder and more colorful motifs. The display will give a deep impression.

– retro color

The interior color of the bathroom was enlivened with dark shades in the 70s. Avocado-green colors are now replaced by brighter and fresher colors like orange. Retro style is known for its classic accents in the form of small sized ceramic boxes. By combining it with modern decor, your bathroom can look as stylish as the 70s without being outdated.

– Texture

Not only color, but the bathroom is also decorated with various shapes and textures such as terra cotta ceramics to wood accents. The bathroom is a place to relax, so giving a warm accent can make you feel more comfortable.

– technology

Not only gadgets that have developed, but bathroom appliances also don’t want to be outdated. With a variety of sophisticated toiletries, you can get a futuristic impression. In addition, modern tools can also make things easier. For example, a shower that can be lit only by using a voice command.

The Things About Clay Bar and Polishing in Car Detailing Oceanside You Need to Know

Using a clay bar is a part of car detailing the process you shouldn’t ignore. The purpose of using a clay bar is to get rid of implanted contamination that doesn’t get removed after the wash and dry in the detailing process. Many car detailers suggest using a clay bar twice in a year especially before polishing your car. You may need the help to perform this process since experienced professionals are needed.

Before you use a clay bar in the detailing process, here are the things you need to know about clay bar and polishing in car detailing service.

The Things About Clay Bar and Polishing in Car Detailing Oceanside

1. How to Apply a Clay Bar

The first step to applying a clay bar is you should squeeze the clay bar into your hand, to have a good grip just give it a round shape. Then, apply the clay lubricant on a small area of the car you are going to rub the clay bar. To remove fixed contamination, you should move the clay bar back and forth on the selected section. Don’t sliding the clay bar into circular motion because it can cause stretches. Start to continue claying the selected area until you eliminate all the contamination. Just wipe out the excess amount of clay lubricant after claying your car using a clean towel. You can also use service to applying the clay bar.

2. Polishing

Polishing is done once in a year to erase the paintwork imperfections, especially after the claying process. You can apply polish on the surface with your hand after claying your car. You can also perform it with the help of a buffer from to get great polishing results.

That’s all the things about how to apply clay bar and polishing your car in car detailing So it is important for you to choose the right car detailing service to get excellent results.