Face Painting Ideas For Your Child

Children really like experimenting with their bodies, don’t be surprised when their drawing lessons will scribble on their bodies. The good news, now your child can choose any image on his face. Already know face painting? The art of painting faces has become a favorite among many people. Face painting or face painting may initially only be found during certain shows or festivals. But, now this art has begun to be present to decorate the faces of your little one who wants to experiment with his body. Not infrequently, exhibitions are often held in shopping centers that introduce the art of painting this face. You can visit face painting san diego to get a face painting service in San Diego.

Then, is the paint used? Most children’s skin is still sensitive, but the paint used for painting is very safe to use by children. There are special paints that have been labeled FDA. This paint is very easy to remove and does not leave marks on the face. This paint can be found in school supply stores. There are various types of face painting that can be tried.

– Superhero

This face painting idea is very favored by boys. You need to make a mask around the eyes with the typical red, black or blue superhero mask.

– Tiger

Want to look a little scary? You can try a tiger character Form the top of the eye with white color, then the orange color like the shape of a mask. Don’t forget to give a tiger accent, which is a black spot.

– Princess

Draw the shape of the crown that is accompanied by gems on the forehead of your daughter. To be cuter, choose pink or your child’s favorite color.

Isn’t it easy to try? You also don’t need to worry about your child’s skin. The paint used is safe and your child will be happy. Once again, you can visit our website and we will do face painting for your child. We have a variety of characters that your child can try.

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