Identifying Pest By The Trace They Left Behind

When we see dirt and stains on walls, kitchen cabinets, floors or furniture, and home appliances – our first reaction is to feel annoyed. This is because the house feels dirty or looks dirty and requires improvement in long-term cleanliness. Do you know that every pest that wanders around our home area will leave a ‘trace’ that makes it easy for us to identify what kind of pest you have at home? To get rid of the problem you should call professional home pest control, but it is important to know the type of pest you are dealing with by knowing what they are left behind.

If you found a black spot or dot found in a kitchen cupboard or the top edge of a kitchen table, it means you have a cockroach problem. Cockroach left behind brown to black stool may resemble black pepper or coffee grounds. Therefore many people are often mistaken and think that this is just a “stain dirt”. Be aware when we take proactive action by trying to clean up all these dirt, we may not understand very well the root cause of why there are so many cockroach pests. Black spots or dots from cockroach droppings are often found in places like inside the drawer and on the surface of the kitchen shelf, on top of the microwave, oven, and refrigerator along the kitchen floor and cracks.

Bloodstains or spots found in your house often mistaken for blemishes or dirt from the skin being injured, blood stains or spots that you find on this mattress or bedspread may be more serious problems than you ever thought. Bedbug stools come from the blood that was sucked by bedbugs and generally appear as small red blood spots and sometimes dark red or black when they are dried. Stains or blood spots are often found in various places such as throughout the curtains, on the surface of the sofa and chair or carpet surface. Be aware because there is never a guarantee that a clean home is protected from bed bug bites. However, doing routine bed linen changes, as well as doing dry cleaning on window curtains supported by clean habits is certainly one way to get rid of bed bugs that you can do.

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