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These 4 Parts Of Your Car Can Become Dangerous If You Modify Them

Modifying a car is a common thing today for ordinary people though. So many people modify their cars in different ways. However, don’t just modify the car recklessly. This is because there are 4 parts of the car that become dangerous if they are modified. On the other hand, you may bring your car to the car detailing orlando near Orlando, FL if it has been damaged due to a reckless modification process.

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These are the 4 parts of your car that should not be modified:

1. The Glass Film

In addition to functioning as a damper of sunlight, glass film is also useful to protect yourself from crime. The glass film itself is included in the modified car parts. The purpose of the danger of installing glass film as part of the modification if too over darkness, for example, more than 80%. This can disturb visibility when driving. Especially when you drive at night or rainy season. So visibility is very limited. Make sure the level of darkness does not disturb visibility.

2. The Horn

The horn is usually used in cars to communicate with other cars on the road. In addition, the horn is also useful for giving warning to road users to make it more useful. The horn modification trend is quite popular in the market today with a variety of aftermarket horn choices. Even though modifying horns has rules, and it’s a really bad idea if you modify the horn to sound like a police car’s siren because it harms other road users.

3. The Steering Wheel

Steering one of the main components in a car. Without the steering wheel, of course, the car cannot be controlled. It would be nice if you do not modify the steering wheel, such as attaching a knob to make it easier to control the steering wheel with just one hand. Unwittingly, this behavior or modification is a modified car part.

4. The Pedal

Another better-unmodified accessory is the gas pedal. If the pedals are modified excessively, they can actually cause dangerous events that are not desirable, especially if the pedal on the car is coated with a slippery metal plate. When it’s stepped on, it may endanger the driver and passengers.