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B1 Test Booking Classes For GESE Grade 5 And SELT

You can find there are so many courses place or center in London offers GESE Grade 5, SELT, and B1 English exam preparation and courses. There are group classes and individual lessons you can choose before GESE Grade 5, SELT, and B1 English level is a test of English skills for speaking and listening that approved by the Home Office for British Citizenship, and certain types of UK Visa applications.

For those who interested to take B1 exam, here’s some information about B1 preparation classes for SELT and GESE Grade 5.

B1 Test Booking for GESE Grade 5 and SELT Classes

1. Exam Requirement

B1 test booking for GESE Grade 5 and SELT SEI I requires for British Citizenship applications, spouse visa extensions for minimum level A2, British settlement, naturalization, and spouse visa applications minimum level A1, private hire transport license, and Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK applications.

2. Exam Results

From the exam results you will expect, includes the course will help you understand the format of Trinity SELT exam and get exam practice, prepare for the approved test of the Home Office, you will learn about exam tips and techniques, increase your confidence and ready for the B1 English and develop your English communication skills.

You will get a free test to know your level before you join our courses and estimate how much study you will need to pass the exam. You will also learn from dedicated and professional teachers. B1 test booking for English is affordable, you may not charge for the registration fee and only pay for the course price.

So you need to choose a course place which best for your needs to help you pass the B1 level exam with a good grade. That’s the information for B1 test booking for SELT and GESE Grade 5 classes.