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You May Try These 6 Tips To Make Photobooth By Yourself

Although not a mandatory thing, not a few couples provide a photo booth at their wedding. Instead of spending a lot of money, you can make your own photo booth too. Well, here are some simple photo booth ideas that you can make yourself. It’s not bad, due to it can cut expenses! Meanwhile, you may check out the best photo booth rental san diego near San diego if you need the professionally made photobooth for your wedding.

1. Just rely on the sofa and the wall of the house

Without the need for additional decorations, just use the sofa and the wall in your house. Decorate with some knick-knacks and words that you can make yourself. So it’s a spot photo booth for your wedding.

2. You can also use wood crates

Collect a number of wood crates that have not been used. Then stack it parallel and add flowers to sweeten the photo booth area.

3. Trees can also be natural photo booths

If you have an outdoor wedding concept, you can use the tree as a photo booth. Simply hang several frames and balloons on tree trunks. This display can also add a rustic impression to your wedding.

4. Do you have a blackboard? Just use it as a photo booth

This type of photo booth is also quite easy to make. You only need a chalkboard and chalk. Enforce the existing whiteboard, then write the words you want to use the chalk provided.

5. Create a unique photo booth with illustrations

This photo booth can be an option for you who want an unusual photo booth. You can ask for help from your friends who are good at making illustrations. Punch the face area so that invited guests can fill the face with their faces.

6. Use curtains that you have to make a good photobooth

Curtains aren’t just for windows and home decorations. It’s actually can be used for making a good photo booth. Make sure you have a tall tent frame and you can decorate it to become a nice and simple photobooth.