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These Are The Two Early Phases In Blog Development

You have created a blog, updated it, and monetized it with various programs. You are disappointed that these efforts do not also generate money according to expectations so that you are no longer passionate about blogging In the end, you also assume that making a lot of money from blogs is something that is completely difficult to realize. You are not alone. Many other bloggers who start a blog experience such conditions.

What is the solution to that problem?

The solution is to understand that developing a blog to become a “money machine” is a long journey that requires effort and time.

The blog development process is divided into 4 phases, but in this article, we will share with you the first 2 of these phases.

1. Establishment Phase

The focus of this phase is the creation of useful (quality) content and blog setup. Besides quality, the quantity of content is also an important factor. Range numbers 50-100 posts.

The blog setup is to install the plugins that are needed, design an attractive blog appearance, and do search engine optimization (SEO).

This establishment phase takes 3-6 months. Many bloggers fail at this stage because they are focused and busy monetizing blogs, not content.

2. The phase of Traffic Growth

This phase is marked by increased traffic, comments, RSS customers, and has begun to earn income. The main focus of this phase is still writing useful content and adding quality backlinks.

In my view, the best way to get quality backlinks is to be a guest blogger on famous blogs and or your posts are backed up by other blogs.

It takes energy and time to achieve these two things, but rest assured that your energy and time will be paid off later.

Many bloggers are mistaken in searching for backlinks, among others, registering their posts to directories, commenting on hundreds of blogs to follow, and so on. I am sure Google has a sophisticated machine so they can distinguish between quality backlinks (obtained by hard work) and backlinks that lack quality.

Apart from that, the phase of traffic growth is a long process that can take 6-12 months. In addition, traffic growth can also be slow but has gradually increased consistently.