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There Are 5 Functions Of Promotional Merchandise For Business Development

Merchandise is any form of product that displays a logo, brand or company name and is given to consumers. Not only large companies, medium and small scale businesses can also use merchandise for promotional activities. Merchandise is considered as one of the effective promotion strategies. Why? It’s Because merchandises such as Nalgene Bottles , pins, and shirts have several important functions.

Here are 5 functions of merchandise to boost your business development:

1. It becomes a magnet for consumers

Not a few consumers who are tempted to buy products or use certain services just to get funny merchandise. This fact shows how strong the attractiveness of merchandise for consumers. You can use merchandise to boost sales of certain products or to introduce new products. Of course, you have to choose and make a truly special merchandise design to attract the attention of consumers.

2. The souvenir Increases product competitiveness

Competing in the market with the same products is indeed not easy to do. You must be able to provide more value that can be a differentiator with competing products. Merchandise can be one way to attract the attention of consumers and at the same time be a differentiator between similar products. Consumers will see the merchandise that you offer as more value on your product.

3. It’s a form of appreciation to consumers

If your company has an activity, merchandise is the right way to appreciate consumer involvement. Merchandise can also be a way to appreciate loyal customers who have used your product.

4. It is a long-term promotional media

Various types of merchandise can generally be used for a long time. This means it’s easier for consumers to remember your business brand attached to the merchandise. For example, if your merchandise is a wall clock, then consumers will often see the wall clock with brand elements attached to it.

5. It promotes your business from one consumer to another

Have you ever received a notepad with promotional content in it? Unconsciously, consumers who use merchandise notes to take notes and hand them over to others have carried out promotional activities from consumers to consumers.