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Avoid Internet Negative Content From Children

The existence of the internet is very close to children. As much as possible parents should educate them and keep from accessing the site carelessly.
If you want to monitor your child whenever and wherever you can visit because they can embed a system on your child’s smartphone or computer.
Based on many surveys by related institutions, children are often subjected to adult sexual abuse. This is really painful and detrimental to the future of the child.

Moreover, many pornographic sites are easily accessible, making children more curious and exposed.
Likewise with access to adult games that should not be given to children.
Accompany your children when handling gadgets, laptops or computers. Especially when they surf in cyberspace.
Don’t let them access alone. Limit things that are not reasonably accessible because they are dangerous.
If necessary, use safety features for children to access the internet. This is very important, rather it prevents children from being exposed to pornographic sites.