Uruguay Has A Very Unique And Luxurious Glasshouse

Uruguay has a glasshouse that is guaranteed to make you want to visit it. The glasshouse is called La Boyita Holiday was designed by studio Martin Gomes Arquitectos, located in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Contemporary glasshouse on the beach is made using concrete, iron, glass, and wood. This house is consisting of 5 building blocks that are divided into function rooms, the main building consisting of a family room, dining room, and kitchen directly facing the best view that is facing the pool and beach. Meanwhile, if you also want to decorate your house with more glass, perhaps you need to call the best experts of splashbacks perth .

In addition, the main building space is protected from the wind and is located in the middle of other buildings. Other blocks of this glasshouse consist of a service area and a guest room area. In addition, rooms in other buildings consist of a living room located on a terrace with a direct view of the entire house.

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