You Can Use These Objects As Camping Tools

Many people fill a vacation with camping or a picnic somewhere. Besides being able to relax, this option does not drain the bag and can relax. Besides being cheap, a vacation by camping promises an exciting experience. Living in the wild will provide its own adventure. However, before camping, you should pay attention to the following tips, so you have stock to face difficult situations when at the campsite. In the meantime, you can also visit if you want to know more about camping.

Apparently, 10 objects that are around us can be a tool in the midst of limited facilities when camping, such as:

1. Hanger for Cookware

Use a belt tied to a tree trunk to be used as a place to hang cooking utensils or other. For the connection can be made of wire formed by the letter S.

2. Umbrellas for fruit and food containers

Umbrellas that are hung upside down on tree branches will protect food from ant attacks.

3. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil has many benefits in a camping ground. One of them is to bake food. Not only that, but aluminum foil can also be used as a placeholder to replace plates.

Another useful function of aluminum foil is to keep food fresh. You just need to wrap food with aluminum foil.

4. A spice container made of a mint candy box

You can use the mint candy box as a place to put the herbs. Besides being practical, herbs will not spill anywhere.

5. Practical bath soap

Instead of carrying bar soap which is usually large and sometimes feels lumpy, try cutting it into pieces.

6. Bonfires of logs

You can make a campfire by using a block of wood. This type of bonfire can last for several hours.

7. Glass holders

In the wild, glass and cups are always lost or spilled. Use a muffin tray to handle it.

8. Shower cap

You can use a shower cap to cover food in an open container.

9. Spoons made of plastic bottles

Instead of being thrown away, plastic bottles can be used to make your own tablespoon.

10. Food cooler

Bottles of frozen water can keep food and drinking water fresh and cold.

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