You Must Know This When You Want To Talk To A Woman

How can you chat with women if you feel inferior and nervous when in front of them? Your inferiority and nervousness will leave you speechless and forget all the chat topics that you have planned. The best way to be confident in front of women, make sure you have become the best version of yourself, you have presented yourself as best you can. If you want to have a chat with your crush, you should learn how to text a girl as well.

See your appearance reflected, whether you can make yourself fall in love with yourself or not. If you can fall in love with your appearance, you will be easier to make other people interested in you.

You must succeed in making this first impression on women, so you can be confident when chatting with them.

After you have made sure that you are confident, you should start your conversation with topics that women like, including those that are certain about themselves (women), fashion, news, gossip, hobbies, or work.

Or you can also talk about emotional topics about her, for example, her childhood dreams, memories of her school days, future dreams, or the work environment or place of residence.

Just look at the body language and the response given, if she always responds to your questions enthusiastically, the sign is that she likes the topic you are chatting with her, but if she doesn’t respond, you can give her time to look for other chat topics, don’t just keep you looking chat topics, also give her the opportunity to search for chat topics.

After that, you can already chat with a pleasant topic and she also looks enthusiastic and always responds to your questions. But don’t you keep asking, give women a chance to ask something about yourself.

You are not doing a job interview by constantly asking her questions. Giving her a chance to ask something about you also makes her interested and curious about your life or not. Don’t make the impression that you are chasing too much because you always ask.

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